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Mel B Freitag, PhD

Educator | Blogger | Runner |
PhD | Director of Diversity Initiatives | Activist

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Mel Freitag

Curriculum Vitae

Mel's education, professional experience, conferences, and awards

School of Nursing Diversity

Check out the current UW-Madison School of Nursing Diversity Initiatives!

About Mel

A midwestern woman striving for social justice


All of Mel's favorite places to go on and offline :)

Mel's Latest Blog Entries

On (not) being prepared: the first 100 days

Disclaimer: If you have access and finances to hire a full time nanny and/or au pair live-in nanny, this post may not apply. In fact, it will not.

Some of these recommendations […]

The Other Mother’s Birth Story

When we first started thinking about getting pregnant, I always thought I would be the one who would be carrying the baby. After all, I have big birthing hips according […]


Mel's top 5 places to go in Madison, Wisconsin.
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